At the age of 18, a student maintains sole rights of their educational information. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) limits the amount of information that can be shared, such as grades, financial aid, and billing statements. Because of this, students will need to grant access to parents and family members who wish to be informed by creating guest accounts. We encourage parents and students to have these conversations the summer before they come to Iowa to ensure each family's specific circumstances are met. 

Conversation Starters

Each family's plan for paying college looks different. We encourage parents and students to have honest conversations around expectations about payment plans, allocation of funds, and other considerations. In order to get the conversation started, feel free to use these questions: 

  • What are our family's expectations around paying the bill
  • What kinds of scholarships are available to you as a student at Iowa?
  • Are you familiar with the requirements of your scholarships? How are you achieving those? 
  • What are your expectations around additional funds to spend on extracurricular events like going out to eat with friends?
  • What does your budgeting plan look like? 
  • Are you planning to put things on your UBill or pay for them out of pocket/in the moment?
  • Do you understand your financial aid packet? Should you meet with a Financial Aid advisor?

The University Bill (U-Bill) is your student's monthly bill from the University of Iowa. The U-Bill includes tuition and fees, housing and dining agreements, and additional payments like textbook purchases, printing, or parking tickets. In order to gain access to your student's U-Bill, students will need to allow parents or family members to create guest accounts. 

Billing statements are generated on the first working day of each month and are normally due around the 22nd of the month. Bills can either be paid in full when they are due or can be paid on a deferred payment plan. For more information, check out the link below. 

Office of Student Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid recognizes that parents are key partners in the financing of their student's education. You can help your student take on new financial responsibilities while they are pursuing their college degree.

Financial Literacy Services

Financial Literacy Services is a resource provided by the Office of Student Financial Aid that helps students gain financial independence. Through individual consultations or campus programming, this team assists students with applying for aid, budgeting, understanding credit, and researching which loan repayment option is best for them.