Preparing for the Future

It is never too early for your student to create their career plan, especially as it can help them make future semester plans or research potential internship opportunities. Students who have a plan in place are more likely to increase their chances of achieving academic and occupational goals while decreasing the amount of uncertainty or discomfort they might feel as they move towards graduation. As their parent or family member, you will be able to provide mentorship and guidance as they brainstorm and develop their own personal plan. In addition to the conversation starters on the right, we encourage you to check out the top ten ways you can help published by the Pomerantz Career Center by clicking the link below. 

Career Center Tips

Conversation Starters

We are committed at Iowa to helping students directly connect what they are learning in the classroom to their future career. Parents and families can help their student recognize that connection by asking questions about assignments, topics, or curriculum. Some questions to get conversations started could be: 


  • How are your classes preparing you for your future career goals? 
  • What internship opportunities are available for your desired field? 
  • Do you have a plan in place to attend an upcoming career fair? Does your major or college offer anything specific to you? 
  • When was the last time you worked with someone to update your resume? 
  • Are there any on-campus jobs that could help you develop or strengthen skills you want to have? 

The Pomerantz Career Center is an office on campus that prepares students for their future career endeavors through a multitude of resources. Students can visit their office to receive career coaching, sign up for one of their many career fairs, or participate in one of their leadership or career academic courses. Through the Pomerantz Career Center students can receive feedback about their resume, participate in mock interviews, and find resources to help them negotiate a salary or prepare to network at upcoming events. 

For even more information on ways you can support, check out the link below!


Handshake is a free online recruiting system where students can upload their resume, log community involvement hours, search and apply for off- & on-campus jobs, schedule interviews, and more!

Visit Handshake

Resume & Cover Letter Help

Resumes and cover letters are documents that capture an individual's education, experience, involvement, and skills. The Pomerantz Career Center offers services to help students write and develop documents that represent them in the best way possible on paper. 

Visit Resume Support

Career Coaching

Appointments with a peer advisor or coach are available for students who are choosing a major, exploring career possibilities, or beginning to search for internships and jobs. Peer advisors are current students trained in providing quick support, like LinkedIn or Handshake help. Career Coaches are longer appointments that help students create plans for their future career goals. 

Visit Career Coaching