Because our beautiful campus is split in half by the Iowa River, students often have to travel from the east or west side to get to class, meet up with friends, or return to their residence hall. The University run, student driven CAMBUS system is the perfect solution on days when your student is tired or the weather isn't cooperating. The yellow and black buses are free for students and can be tracked via the Transit App. We encourage parents and family members to ride the CAMBUS with their student when they come to visit. 

CAMBUS Information

Conversation Starters

Iowa City is a college town that will require students to walk, bus, bike, or drive to their class or activities. Students will explore resources, like the Transit app, during Orientation, but families can set their student up for success by asking the following questions: 


  • Have you used the Transit app to map out your bus routes to classes?
  • Which CAMBUS do you typically take? 
  • How often will you actually need your car on-campus? 
  • What are your plans for coming home during break? 

Campus Parking

Parking spaces on campus are limited, but there are a variety of parking options available for both permit and hourly use. Students and families should have conversations around how necessary a car is and how frequent it will be used prior to purchasing a parking permit. 

Student Parking

Rideshare Services

There are Ubers, Lyfts, and taxis available in Iowa City. Another resource is the UI Rideshare portal. This free online service connects students to other students or employees who are offering carpooling services. 

UI Ride Share

Iowa City Transit

While the CAMBUS primarily serves routes on campus for free, the Iowa City Transit system exists to take passengers to various locations all across town. This free service is a great resource to use for any off-campus housing or getting to and from off-campus jobs. 

Iowa City Transit

By Plane

There are three airports near campus:

By Bus

Students can call the Iowa City Depot (319-337-2127) to hear complete ground transportation options. Transportation providers include: