Steps to Studying Abroad

The process of selecting a study abroad program is similar to the process of selecting a university to attend or selecting a major or minor. Students need to ask themselves questions such as; why do I want to study abroad? Where do I want to go and why? How will study abroad fit into my academic program? The answers to these questions can lead to setting goals for studying abroad which will aid a student in the process of selecting a study abroad program. Find out what types of programs are available and the other steps to studying abroad by visiting the First Steps page on the International Programs website.

Major Advising Pages

Major Advising Pages or MAPs outlines various majors’ academic requirements, suggests times for students in these majors to study abroad, and provides lists of recommended programs based on the major. Research potential programs for specific majors by going to the Major Advising page on the International Programs website.

Costs & Funding of Study Abroad

As with everything in life, costs and funding must be considered. It is difficult to give a general cost of study abroad because the “cost” is dependent on so many factors. These factors include the type of program that is being considered, the local cost of living, length of the program and whether or not the student is a resident of Iowa or a non-resident. In most cases, institutional aid and federal financial aid can be applied toward study abroad. In addition, the Study Abroad office awards approximately $520,000 a year in scholarships and grants. Learn more about costs and funding study abroad at the Funding page on the International Programs website.