Arts & Entertainment

Throughout the year, student organizations plan hundreds of events and spend countless hours broadcasting over the airwaves. To learn more about the types of organizations dedicated to arts & entertainment, visit Arts Iowa.

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Student Organizations

With over 500 student organizations at the University of Iowa, it is helpful for your student to do a little research and recognize what type of organization they are interested in joining. The Campus Labs search feature allows them to find one that meets their interests.

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Engagement Advising

Getting involved on campus or in the community is the surest way to find your home away from home while at the University of Iowa. UI students who are engaged report greater feelings of connection to other students, faculty, staff, and others in the university community. They also tend to be more successful in the classroom, and learn valuable job skills that future employers are looking for in college graduates. Best of all, by getting involved, you will develop greater self-confidence while also meeting new people, and developing lifelong connections.

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Student Engagement & Campus Programs

Student Engagement & Campus Programs offers a number of programs and organizations for students to improve their leadership skills and network with other students to share ideas and promote positive change.

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Student Engagement & Campus Programs is committed to promoting Multicultural Programs to the UI campus through planned activities at the four UI Cultural and LGBT Resource Centers, annual diversity programs, and student organization events.  There are over 50 multicultural student organizations at the University of Iowa that provide programming, service, educational programs, and cultural experiences to the campus community.

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