Phone/email emergency notification system

The Hawk Alert System is used to notify the campus community of threats to physical safety in emergency situations. Hawk Alert allows UI administrators to send recorded or electronic emergency messages (“Hawk Alerts”) to UI students, faculty, and staff by mobile phone, home phone, office phone, and e-mail, using contact information you provide to the University.

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University Police

The University of Iowa Department of Public Safety is responsible for emergency response on the University of Iowa campus. The largest division is the Police Division, which is made up of 45 state certified police officers who patrol the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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Nite Ride

NITE RIDE is a safe means of transportation for men and women. Full-time University of Iowa Security Officers operate the mini-buses at all times and never check IDs. This allows students to avoid long walks home alone after a night out or studying.

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Threat Assessment Team

In order to promote a campus that is safe, the goal of the Threat Assessment Team on campus is to provide an integrated and coordinated process for identifying and responding to students, faculty, staff and other individuals who may be at risk of harming themselves or others. Achieving this goal involves: responding to reported concerns, intervening as necessary to reduce risk and/or manage threat, utilizing a multidisciplinary team to review, identify and develop specific intervention/prevention strategies, collecting and organizing information to facilitate communication on and off campus, providing education and training to faculty, staff and students in how to identify and report concerning behaviors and incidents that may need further assessment.

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Code Blue phones

There are 24 emergency telephones strategically placed around campus. A single push of the illuminated button summons UIPD officers, allows dispatchers to hear the situation, and triggers the bright blue strobe light at the top of a 9-foot pole.

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Ending Violence at Iowa

Effective strategies for addressing alcohol, sexual assault, and other concerns are presented by University of Iowa campus partners and resources that are available to support students in making healthy choices and being successful at Iowa. The IOWA Challenge provides a path to student success, including an expectation that students choose wisely in all areas of their lives. The University of Iowa is committed to partnering with students and their families to support a healthy, safe, and vibrant campus experience.

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