Tips and strategies for UI parents and families

The UI Parent and Family Network (PFN) podcast series engages the audience as educational stakeholders of UI students. Guided by theories, institutional research, and practice, podcasts provide a platform to connect with UI parent and family members and provide proactive discussions about the student experience. The podcast features campus partners who work with families and students in support of student success (e.g. Orientation Services and Division of Student Life).

Bret Gothe, Parent and Family Podcast Series Host - Assistant to the Vice President of Student Life

Commitment to the audience

The UI parent and family podcast series will:

  • Provide accurate, timely information related to the student transition process and retention.
  • Provide an opportunity to learn from UI staff and faculty members about students’ experiences.
  • Allow an opportunity to submit questions about the student experience and have them answered on the UI website or during the podcast.

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2019-20 podcast schedule

  • August - Making the Big Move: Move-In & On Iowa!
  • September - Handling Homesickness: Strategies for Success
  • October - Paying for Next Year: The Financial Aid Process
  • November - Study Abroad—What’s it all about?
  • December - Managing the Winter Break Transition
  • January - Proactive Planning for Next Year
  • February – Exploring Summer Jobs & Internships
  • March - Academic Support Resources
  • April - Iowa City in the Summer

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